Welcome aboard! 

I am glad to have you here. On this website, you will see educational materials and free resources covering breastfeeding for Mothers and Healthcare professionals.

In addition, I have provided evidence-based videos on other areas like Antenantal, Pregnancy and Weaning.

The aim is to provide data-driven knowledge for the first few years when babies are at the peak of their developmental phase and mothers are at a crossroad. Which is like everyday!

There is a continuous circulation of misleading information online and offline, and many unsolicited advice from friends/families and mummy forums, I promise you my website is going to serve as a safe haven you can trust always.

My name is Chinny Obinwanne, a medical Doctor, a lactation consultant (IBCLC), founder of TheMilkbooster and TMBBabyShop and a member of Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine. I have made it my aim is to make this motherhood journey easier on you.