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Hello mamas, have you packed your maternity bag yet?

Birth Like A Boss
Pregnant mom

You have crossed out the list of items given to you by the hospital. You have also bought the items you’ll be needing at home.
You didn’t leave out the essential breastfeeding needs like Breast Pump, Pumping Bra, Nipple Cream and Storage bags?

Very good! But are you sure you are not missing one of the most important part of preparing for breastfeeding?

Gaining the right knowledge about everything breastfeeding entails.

Majority of the issues mothers face in the very first few days are as a result of not knowing what is going on in their body. What are the things to expect in the first few days? How do you latch your baby for the first time? How do you deal with the soreness and pain? How do you maintain your supply and monitor your baby’s weight gain?

All these and more, I have put together in the Breastfeeding with Ease handbook. I have carefully selected every major breastfeeding details and issues commonly faced by moms before and after delivery.

Breastfeeding with Ease

You’ll get insights into:

– How to correct painful latch
– How to breastfeed multiples
– How to achieve 6 months exclusive breastfeeding with ease
– Breastfeeding successfully with inverted or flat nipples
– Frequently asked questions and many more

With this book, your visits to the hospital or your lactation consultant will reduce as you only need to open up a page to get answers to some common questions.

Click here to get your copy in Nigeria.